About Us

Why Consider Reiter Financial Services?

Objectivity and Independence

I represent more than thirty high-quality insurance companies.  As an independent professional, I am able to match your specific needs, goals, and objectives with the financial services company and products that are right for you; I am not beholding or obligated to any one company.

A Total Approach to Providing Solutions

While I can work with you on only a single financial concern, I believe that the most effective planning results from a complete analysis of not only your specific financial concerns, but we must also ensure that your financial strategy compliments other concerns such as health, lifestyle, and family relations.

Experience & Expertise

Reiter Insurance Services works M&O Marketing and CoreCap Advisors. CoreCap is a highly skilled team of specialists with decades of experience in every area of retirement planning. This benefits you in that it brings the experience and knowledge of multiple experts to bear upon developing the right solutions for your situation. Our expertise is also exemplified through being awarded with Brea’s 2019 Financial Planner of the year.

Helping You Create a Worry Free Retirement

Jerry Reiter

Founder of Reiter Financial Services

Jerry Reiter, Owner of Reiter Financial Services, is a Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) and holds Life and Health and Series 66 licenses.  He specializes in a broad range of financial services such as retirement planning, life insurance, annuities, long-term health care solutions, and many more.  He has also had specialized training in American College and the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors course.  Last year he received the Best of 2019 Financial Advisor award from the city of Brea.

Jerry has been in the finance industry for over 18 years.  When the tech bubble crash hit in 2001, he, like many Americans, watched his 401k retirement assets evaporate.  When his broker told him, “the market will stabilize, stay the course”, he understood, while that strategy might work for younger investors, it may not for people closer to retirement age.  He began to search for alternative ways to help recapture his financial losses.  When he discovered the Growth with Safety strategy, he founded Reiter Financial Services to help others achieve the same financial security and freedom amidst an often-volatile market.  Clients who have implemented the Growth with Safety strategy lost none of their retirement savings during the 2008 or the 2020 crash.  

What sets Jerry apart from other advisors is his belief that each client has unique financial circumstances and needs a customized strategy for retirement planning.  He guides each client through a personalized financial forecast based on their current status and goals for retirement and identifies any major risks that could jeopardize their future financial security.  Based on the assessment results, he makes recommendations that will minimize the identified risks to improve his client’s lifetime financial security and give them peace of mind.

Jerry has been married to his wife Barbara for over 40 years and they have resided in the Brea/Fullerton area for the last 35.  They have a daughter, Beth, and two grandsons, Liam and Ethan.  In his free time, he enjoys golfing, photography, and being with his family, as well as, serving at his church.  He and his wife’s favorite travel destination is Sydney, Australia. 


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